Affinity Detection System (ADS plus®) Specification

1. Sensor Unit
  Dimensions: 40 x 41 x 36 cm
  Resolution: 0.1 Hz
  Sampling period: 1 sec
  Frequency range: 2~16 MHz
  Temperature range: 4~50°C
  Voltage: 110 V, 50~60 Hz
  I/O interface: USB
2. Reaction Cell
  One integrated flow reaction cell
One signal channel
Flow reaction cell volume: 30 µl
3. Data Acquisition System
  One ADS plus® operation and data acquisition software:
compatible with WinXP®
Real time frequency vs. time sensorgram display
Real time frequency display
4. Flow Injected Analysis System
  One ISMATEC® peristaltic pump with
  1. digital display
  2. digital flow rate control
  3. flow rate or volume display
  4. flow rate:15~1500 ml/min

One three-way injection valve
Sample loop volume: 100 µl
5. Temperature Control Unit
  Temperature digital display
Temperature range: room temperature ~ 50°C
Temperature stability: ±1°C